The New Minecraft Seeds

We’re very pleased to announced that today we have released our total reconstruction of Minecraft Seeds, the largest website on our network dedicated to providing a community for users to share seeds related to Minecraft.

With this new update, comes a plethora of new features:

  • Users can follow others to be notified when they release new content on the website
  • Search through the seeds
  • Flag comments to notify our moderators
  • Reply to comments
  • Private messaging system between users
  • Top seeds of the week page
  • Integrate your in-game Minecraft avatar by adding your in-game username to your profile
  • Upload the same seed code for different versions of Minecraft (Thanks Minotar!)

On our administrative back-end, we have almost aimed at lowering the amount of spam on the website and raising the bar with the standard for all of the seeds. Before, users could submit seeds without locations or spawn points, but now we’ve implemented a system which forces all seeds to have a minimum of one location and spawn point. Also, now we can quickly and easily remove spam or abusive comments which are brought to our attention by our new flagging feature for users. Hopefully this will all help us make the website that much better for every user.

As with any major website update, we do not doubt that there may be bugs on the website. If one is found, please tell us so we can go right ahead and fix it!

We hope you all enjoy the new website as much as we do and take advantage of all the new features.

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